White Poodle Fascinating Facts and Important Information

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With so many different poodle colors available, what is it that makes white poodles stand out from the rest, one may ask themselves?

White poodles are one of the many standard poodle coat colors and are available in three different sizes: Toy, Miniature, and Standard with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

These poodles are one of the most popular poodle coat colors. Their soft and gentle temperament is a wonderful fit for families with small children and suitable for apartment living, or active senior citizens. They love to play, chase a ball, go for long walks and will fit right in with all your family activities.

In this article, I will go over the origin of white poodles and everything you should know if you’re thinking about becoming a white poodle parent.

Are White Poodles Rare?

White poodles are not rare at all, in fact, they are probably the most common color out of all the standard poodle colors. So why do many people think that white poodles are rare?

This poodle coloration can make a great addition to any family. They’re affectionate, fun to play with, and have that cute look going for them that is hard to resist! However, white poodles aren’t as commonly found in shelters or rescues and if you want one from a breeder, it can be a long waiting game for the perfect dog to become available.

This is one of the major reasons which leads people to think that white poodles are somewhat of a rare poodle coloration which is truly not the case.

How Much Does a White Poodle Cost?

Poodles are a variety of dogs that comes in a large range of coat colors. They are very highly valued as pets. White poodles are usually quite expensive. A dog breeder would charge you easily a few thousand dollars for a white-colored poodle. The average price of a white poodle is anywhere from $1000 – $4000 and above, depending on the region of the country you live in.

While you can buy a white poodle, it is not the cheapest way to get one. They are more expensive compared to if you were to adopt one. Adopting a white poodle helps save on the expenses associated with buying a poodle directly from a breeder. More importantly, adopting will help white poodles find their way to good homes.

After you get your white poodle, there are a few additional costs such as the initial vet visit and vaccinations. The first visit to the vet usually costs around $50 to $100, depending on the vet. During the initial visit the vet weights your dog, examines the cat, mouth and teeth, examine the feces for any worms and several other tests. Well worth the cost, in my opinion.

You will also want to get your dog vaccinated to help prevent several diseases such as Rabies, hepatitis, lyme disease, etc.

Can a White Poodle Have Black Puppies?

Are white poodles capable of producing black poodle puppies? This is a question that has plagued mankind since the dawn of time. Well, not quite but it still is important enough for us to address in this post.

So, I went ahead and did my own research to see what I could find out about this question. The results were surprising…

A white poodle can have black poodle puppies, but the likelihood is small. A dog’s color is not dictated by the breed, but by two separate genes that are inherited separately, one from each parent. It is still possible for a white-colored poodle to produce pups with a color other than white.

A White Poodle Mix Gave Birth to Several Black Puppies

A White Poodle Mix Gave Birth to Several Black Puppies

A white-colored poodle can have black puppies if both the parents carry a dominant ‘black’ gene. This dominant gene can be from several generations ago and can pop up in a puppy with the power of nature and a bit of luck.

However, I must put more emphasis on my statement that it is fairly uncommon for a white poodle to have black puppies. It is almost a rare event. So much so that such an occurrence is important enough for multiple news outlets to cover the story.

In most recent times a lady from Texas was shocked to see her white poodle mix give birth to several black puppies, this was enough to garner the attention of several news outlets and a large chunk of people on social media.

How to Clean a White Poodle’s Eyes?

Tear stains on a white poodle are unsightly and very common. I’ve always been rather fascinated by them, so I decided to research them a little and see if I could figure out how to get rid of them.

While this type of tear stain isn’t harmful to your pet, it can be unsightly. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to treat the stains.

During my research, I came across two products to help remove tear stains in white dogs. The first one is Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Solution which contains natural ingredients and is free from bleach, peroxides, and other substances that may harm your poodle. Apply the solution every day for a week using a cotton ball or Q-tip and slowly but surely get rid of those nasty eye stains. This product has worked for several people I know and I fully recommend it.

White Poodle Fascinating Facts and Important Information 1

The second solution to the unappealing problem of eye stains is Angels’ Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Presoaked and Textured Wipes to simply wipe off the stain marks. Using a wipe to remove eye stains regularly helps keeps tear stains at bay and reduces the risk of eye irritations and itching caused by foreign matter. Wipes don’t need rinsing so that’s a bonus if your dog doesn’t necessarily like water.

If you are one for combos and bundles, here is Eye Envy’s Tear Stain Remover Pack which contains Tear Stain Remover Powder, Tear Stain Remover Solution, Powder Applicator Brush and

How to Wash a White Poodle?

This particular shade of poodle is quite difficult for all dog owners to deal with because it can be tricky to bathe a white dog without leaving any stains on its coat. In fact, you need to be very careful by using undercoat shampoo, or else you risk damaging your pooch’s pearly-white coat.

White poodles are beautiful animals, but their beauty is short-lived. Unless you take precautions, they will get dirty quickly. They are also the most difficult color of poodle to keep clean. White dogs attract dirt like a magnet and stains are impossible to remove. This makes washing white poodles a chore that many people do not relish…

Keeping your white poodle tidy is quite easy and straight forward. All you need to do is bathe your dog one every 7-10 days and brush their coat regularly. That’s about it. Doesn’t sound much complicated now, does it?

⚡ I’ll make it more simple for you, I have previously covered How to Bathe a Poodle in detail separately. Give that a read if you would like to learn more.

If you have a white poodle and need to wash it, here is a list of everything you will need. The list includes shampoo, bath mat, soft-bristle dog brushes, towels, and a shower attachment.

Best Shampoo for White Poodle – Warren London Magic White Brightening Dog Shampoo

Best Dog Towel – Shammy Ultra Absorbent Towel

Bath Mat – OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

Shower attachment – Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

Best Brush for white colored poodle – Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

To be completely transparent, I personally don’t think everything is a MUST HAVE item if you want to bathe your white poodle but it does make the process a bit easier.

What is the Most Popular Poodle Color?

To find the answer to this question, I did a fair bit of research but could not find any substantial data that could cement any poodle color as the most popular one.

White Poodle Fascinating Facts and Important Information 2

So I decided to collect my own data and I had found just the tool to accomplish this mission of mine. I used Google Trends which is a tool that essentially shows how popular a search term is with an amazing feature that lets people compare different search terms. This is exactly what I needed.

Enough of the suspense, let’s talk facts.

White Poodle Fascinating Facts and Important Information 3

I compared some of the most popular poodle colors and to my surprise, white poodles are not as popular as black poodles on the web.

You may be surprised by the number of Poodle lovers who prefer a white Poodle. According to dog owners, white Poodles are extremely elegant and clean looking, which is no doubt why so many of them chose this color.

What to Name a White Poodle?

Have you been searching for a good name to bestow upon your adorable little white poodle? Well, look no further because I am here to help. This list compiles the top 50 best white poodle names many of which haven’t even been thought of yet. Get one of these great ideas and call your new puppy by his/her special name!




Ban (Irish for White)

Bela (Slovenian for White)

Weiss (German for White)

Bianca (Italian for White)

Alba (Latin for White)


















Let me know what name you ended up choosing in the comments down below.

Do White Poodle Change Colors?

A lot of people who have white poodles often wonder if their poodle will change colors. As they grow, a minority of white poodles change their color to red or brown.

Poodle fading in color, or changing color is common with this breed and is observed in all the poodle colors to some extent.

The most common area in which a color change is observed in white poodles is on the face which is caused by tear stains.

White Poodle Fascinating Facts and Important Information 4

Genetics cause some dogs to produce an excess of tears that leads to staining on the face mostly around the eyes.

The stains are primarily caused by a molecule present in tears known as porphyrins. This molecule contains iron which is excreted from your dog’s body through tears and saliva. The reddish-brown stains are caused by that same iron present in porphyrins. It should be noted that these stains get darker when exposed to sunlight.

Luckily, tear stains can be taken care of with minimal effort. Click here to learn how to remove tear stains on a white poodle.

Wrapping Up

A white poodle can be an investment in your home décor. If you have children, they can bring pleasure and love to every day. They can easily be trained to carry out all of their needs making it easier for the elderly and disabled to have a dog in the house. The small expense that is involved in owning a white poodle is well worth it for all of the joy that they bring.

I hope you found all the information you needed in this article. Please feel free to check out all our resources or contact us if you have any questions.

I’ll be back soon with more helpful information for your poodle, so make sure to check back. Until next time!

— Nancy

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