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What Is PoodleGo and Why Should I Care?

PoodleGo.com is a website dedicated to Poodles. Started by Nancy Williams back in 2018, this site has helped thousands of people learn more about poodles ever since.

PoodleGo is about giving poodle owners information that they can apply directly to the care of their companion. We use actual research data, not just a hunch or assumptions, to help you answer all of your questions.

Nancy does all the hard work so you can focus on enjoying your pooch. We strive to make our site a comprehensive resource for all things relating to the poodle breed so that you can easily access all related information whether you’re a first time owner or a seasoned pro.

Written from a pet owner’s viewpoint and full of practical, hands-on advice, PoodleGo is your one-stop resource for all your poodle breed information needs. The author, Nancy Williams, is a dog trainer with a special interest in poodles and has rescued, owned and trained dogs for more than twenty-five years. PoodleGo focuses on providing answers to questions you’re likely to have as a poodle owner: from training tips and feeding guide to tips for caring for poodles who are ill or elderly.

We believe knowledge is power; with our content, you will feel confident in your decision of making this breed your companion.

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